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”Plastic that cares” – How plastic can save life.

20 December, 2019 , Russia

The longest way starts from the very first step.

In May 2019 a woman 63 yo from Kostroma-city began a campaign on plastic caps collection. In short time many other local people joined her initiative. All together they collected more than 15 000 plastic caps. As a result, 160,000 rubles (around 2,500 $ US) were gained from recycling.

All that money was used to treat a local little boy who was diagnosed with complete deafness. The operation in a foreign clinic was successful.

Now a thousand people joined the campaign that was named “Plastic that cares”: there are hundreds of paper boxes all over the Kostroma-city with a title “Help a sick child – put a plastic cap in a box”.

This campaign is not only about environment saving but also about education and behavioral changes – a lot of schools are having a special course on how to separate waste collection. Very young children start to help their parents to separate domestic waste properly.

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation H.E. Dmitrii Kobylkin handed a special certificates to the main campaign founders.

“Plastic that cares” – How plastic can save life.