Towards Osaka Blue Ocean Vision - G20 Implementation Framework for Actions on Marine Plastic Litter


Actions and Progress on Marine Plastic Litter
Last Update : 2021/07/28

Policy framework

Legal framework

– Ban of Import Plastic Waste

– Brief description: Bahrain ban import of plastic waste as one of initiatives to prevent marine from plastic littering.




Prevention and reduction of plastic waste generation

Charge for single-use plastic products (e.g. shopping bags, straws)

Ban use single use plastic bags (coming soon)

Targeted products: plastic bags

It is plan to enforce end of 2021



Environmentally sound waste management

Enforcement of proper waste management system

Bahrain Waste Management Strategy.

Brief description: it is prepared and approved on 2018, SCE and other relative authorities working on implementation of this strategy, plastic waste is one of the main component.




Cleanup of marine plastic litter

Collection of scattered waste on beach

Many activities leaded by SCE to clean seas with NGOs

We see a positive improvement from last two years

Numerical data if any:

More than 2 tons during each activity.




Promotion of innovative solutions

Policy actions for encouraging plastic alternatives (e.g. biodegradable plastics, circular product design – including use of recycled materials or closed loop recycling and so on’)

Bioodegradable plastic bags will be one of the alternatives to the consumers if ban of plastic bags enforce.



Recycling system improvement

Proper waste management system (including lack of local capacity)

Data collection related to waste in general

Data collection related to marine plastic litter

Lack of awareness among citizens, business, local governments

Lack of financial incentives for waste treatment in general

Project delays due to COVID-19

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