Towards Osaka Blue Ocean Vision - G20 Implementation Framework for Actions on Marine Plastic Litter


Actions and Progress on Marine Plastic Litter
Last Update : 2021/07/28

Policy framework

Legal framework

Environmental Protection Management Order 2016,-Waste Regulation (drafting stage)

– Brief description:

The EPMO is designed to provide protection and management of the environment which also includes provision of waste regulation that will regulate the waste sector.




Prevention and reduction of plastic waste generation

Actions for encouraging sustainable / circular product design

No Plastic Bag Day Everyday

Brief description:

Aimed to encourage the uptake of the 3’Rs-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

To discourage the use of single use-plastics and encourage the use of reusable bag and recyclable packaging in everyday activities.

We see a positive improvement from last two years



Environmentally sound waste management

Enforcement of proper waste management system

Enforcement on public complaints- 123 hotline.

1. Regular inspection on waste collection sites provided by the government.

2. Inspections to waste collection companies and recycling companies.

3. Requirements of a Written Notification for any waste related activities.

We see a positive improvement from last two years

Prevention of littering, illegal dumping and unintentional leakage of waste into the ocean

Sungai Brunei Clean Up projects

1. Projects on rubbish collection traps at drainage outlets along Brunei River ( to be implemented)

Brief description:

1. Involves collection, transportation and disposal of waste found along the river aimed to holistically managed waste along the Brunei river.

2. Planned infra project to trap waste at drainage outlet to prevent waste from entering the main rivers and sea.

We see a positive improvement from last two years



Cleanup of marine plastic litter

Collection of scattered waste on beach

Nationwide Cleaning Campaign: Coastal Areas

Brief description:

1. Cleaning campaigns for a period of 7 months focusing on coastal areas targeting main beaches in Brunei aimed to reduce the amount of waste discarded into the marine environment particularly plastic waste and to obtain a baseline data on discarded waste along coastal areas




Education and awareness raising

Education system for encouraging public awareness on MPL issues

Outreach to Schools: Established a platform under STEAM Outreach Programme with the Ministry of Education via Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre in: (i) organizing a series of talks and activities related to environment, including on MPL; (ii) conducting workshops on facilitating schools’ environmental programmes including providing training to teachers and school community to carry out green school initiatives. Similar initiative also conducted by other parties including NGOs.

We see a positive improvement from last two years

Awareness raising campaigns related to MPL

National level:

1. No Plastic Bag Everyday Initiative

2. Plastic Bottle Free Initiative

3. Social Media Outreach

Brief description:

1. First introduced as ‘No Plastic Bag Weekend Initiative’ in 2011, which later expanded to No Plastic Bag Everyday Initiative by 1 st January 2019. A voluntary initiative aimed to uptake the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) concept and habit. To discourage the use of single use-plastics at department stores, shops and businesses and encourage the use of reusable bags and/or recyclable packaging among both consumers and businesses when purchasing from shops.

2. Realizing that plastic bottles are also major contributors of plastic waste and particularly MPL, the Plastic Bottle Free Initiative was introduced in 2018 to encourage green and sustainable habits by swapping plastic bottled water to other (reusable) alternatives and means during events, meetings etc.

3. Infographics and videos are shared on different social media platforms by various stakeholders including government agencies, NGOs and individuals to better educate the public on MPL including the current issues and challenges, impacts of MPL, ways to tackle MPL, alternatives or changes people can go for, etc.

National level:

We see a positive improvement from last two years


Check the challenges that your country has faced:

Recycling system improvement

Data collection related to marine plastic litter

Lack of awareness among citizens, business, local governments

Lack of financial incentives for waste treatment in general

Lack of financial incentives for technology development

Best practices

National level

  • No Plastic Bag Day Everyday Initiative

· Implementation of a 3 percent increase in excise duty on plastic imports products.

  • Bring Your Own (BYO) Campaigns
  • Green Protocol Campaigns

Local level

Private sector

· Participation of department stores and groceries stores in the ‘No Plastic Bag Day Everyday’ Initiative

  • Bring Your Own (BYO) Campaigns

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